Why lease?

Leasing is a simple, cost effective way for your business to invest in critical assets, which support sustainable growth.

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Benefits of leasing

Meet your cash flow needs

We can structure your lease payments to match your cash flow needs and can include servicing and disposal costs if desired. This means consistent, regular payments over the term.

Work with your provider of choice

You can select the assets you want from the supplier of your choice and we’ll work with them to ensure your equipment is delivered on time.

Use OpEx not CapEx


Avoid the need to find a large pool of upfront funds by transitioning your asset spend from CapEx to OpEx.This means you can free up cash for other investments that provide a return.

Avoid the hassles of asset ownership

You can opt to utilise a complete service solution, which removes the hassles of owning an asset and frees you up to focus on running your business.

Get a solution that’s right for you

We can tailor a solution to meet the needs of your business, regardless of your size or sector.

Sources of funding

There are a range of funding options available — which option is best suited to your needs?

A lease is best used when:

  • a tax deductible solution is desired
  • avoiding upfront capital expenditure is important
  • use of OpEx over CapEx is preferred
  • bundled servicing and disposal is being considered
  • access to a non-traditional funding channel is important

*Some of the factors noted above relate specifically to an operating lease — please contact our team or view the solutions section of this site if you have questions.

A loan is best used when:

  • there is low risk of technology obsolescence
  • flexibility to add or upgrade the asset isn’t required
  • the business has sufficient credit limits and is a low credit risk

Cash reserves are best used when:

  • the required asset will provide a return

The lifecycle of an asset

Leasing is a simple, cost effective way for your business to invest in critical assets, which support sustainable growth.

We can develop a solution that meets your needs, and which provides flexibility at every point of the asset lifecycle.

Procure it, use it, maintain it or add to it — then give it back and upgrade it to avoid asset obsolescence.

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The leasing process

In working with you to structure a lease solution, we will follow a simple three step process:


We will work with you to understand your needs, including the equipment you require, and develop a quote for your approval.


We will support you through the credit application and documentation process.


We will work with your chosen supplier to ensure you receive your equipment.


  • Can I select the equipment supplier?

    Yes, you select the equipment you want and the supplier you want to obtain it from.

  • How is the GST handled on a lease agreement?

    Lease payments are calculated on the price of the equipment exclusive of GST – the  GST amount is added to this figure. Businesses that are registered for GST should be able to claim the GST amount as an input tax credit.

  • I have the cash, why wouldn't I purchase the asset?

    Cash reserves are best spent on assets that will provide a return. A lease is an appropriate way to finance an asset when the use of old technologies poses a threat to productivity, smooth cash flow over the term is desired, operational flexibility is important, a finance solution that incorporates servicing and disposal is needed, off balance sheet treatment is desired, and access to a non-traditional funding channel is important.


  • Is it only the cost of the equipment that can be financed under a lease agreement?

    No.  In addition to the equipment cost, equipment specific ‘soft costs’ such as maintenance, installation, de-installation and software can often be incorporated into the lease agreement.

  • What are my options at the end of the lease?

    Leasing provides flexibility to add or swap equipment throughout the contract – it also offers flexibility at the end of the agreement. You can continue to use the equipment at a reduced cost for committed extensions, return the equipment and upgrade to the latest technology, or return the equipment with no further obligation.

  • What types of entities can lease assets?

    Businesses of all sizes and ownership structures use leasing to finance assets.

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