The ventures of Spark’s 2014 finalists

October 15, 2014
As a sponsor of Spark, Alleasing is pleased to share the ventures, inspirations and visions of some of the 2014 $100k Challenge finalists. The winners will be announced later this month.Save Ya is an app that allows people to easily record work site incident information. The inspiration came from first-hand experience and the team’s vision is to improve health and safety reporting for companies around the world via uptake of their app.

Womengineers aims to inspire young girls by offering a different perception of their career possibilities in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).  This is a socially driven venture seeking to overcome the gender imbalance in STEM careers. The  app delivers games, comics and engaging stories, which demonstrate why STEM careers can be an exciting career option for women.

Baby Aware  is  unique partnership between engineers and foetal physiologists. The team’s goal is to improve the lives of our most vulnerable members of society by providing a way to monitor foetal well-being. Baby Aware are hoping to create a paradigm shift in the ability to identify brain injury during pregnancy by developing a contact-less device for foetal brain diagnostics in utero.

Future Insights believe data is ubiquitous and its potential value is not being fully utilised by the majority of businesses. The team’s solution is to enable that value to be captured and explained  quickly and easily, thus creating a solution for today and tomorrow.

Caddy brings together a diverse team with expertise in  medical, IT, business and marketing. Their vision is to transform the way clinicians use technology by funnelling an overwhelming volume of information  into a user-friendly app.

Sleepine’s vision is to make effective and affordable sleep therapy available to all. The team believes this can be achieved via the development of an app that is supported by rigorous scientific studies.

Back Pocket Driver seeks to reduce the number of youth traffic accidents, which is a significant problem in New Zealand, via an app that makes driver education fun.

EasyLink aim to provide a safe, user-friendly and affordable device that helps people transition from a wheelchair to a car. The team’s vision is to create a solution that is adopted as an international benchmark for rehab and disability design.


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