Australia Equipment Demand Index

October 2017

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Beating Costs and Competitors

It's no secret that businesses need technology to grow and increase productivity, particularly when competition at home and abroad has increased. Research this quarter looks at which industries are looking to implement new technology and the risks of failing to upgrade mean for businesses across Australia.

What Lies Beneath

On the surface, businesses continue to be confident in the economy and in updating their equipment, but shifts in the data are beginning to appear. Which states are the most ambitious in their growth prospects and are businesses beginning to feel tired of keeping up with the latest and greatest technology?

Rethinking Asset Acquisition

Nearly a quarter of Australian businesses are struggling with out of date or unproductive assets, double the amount from last year. But what are businesses going grow if they are burdened with unproductive equipment?

Growth and How to Fund it

Businesses across the majority of industries are keen to grow but with the latest Basel III regulations, how are businesses going to fund their equipment?

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