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Alleasing supports Tour de Cure

August 13, 2015

Alleasing is pleased to announce its support for Tour de Cure as it continues its mission to cure cancer.

Since 2007, Tour de Cure riders, volunteers, support crew, corporate sponsors and other supporters have raised in excess of $19 million. This money has funded more than 200 cancer research, support and prevention projects, and has led to 16 cancer breakthroughs.

Robert Spano, Alleasing’s Chief Executive Officer said: “Cancer is the leading cause of premature death in Australia, with an estimated 128,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed each year. These are just two of many startling cancer related statistics.

“Tour de Cure carries out exceptional work raising awareness and funds that go towards their goal of curing cancer. By cycling between towns, Tour de Cure connects communities and delivers the cure cancer message to people across the country.”

Via its cycling tours, the Tour de Cure team intentionally promote a healthy lifestyle, as it is a key element of cancer prevention. The tours require support, commitment and dedication.

“The Tour de Cure family seeks to ensure that every cent entrusted to us makes a difference in fighting cancer,” said  Bruno Maurel, Chairman, Tour de Cure.

“​In the past nine years, Tour de Cure’s funded research projects have significantly contributed to 16 cancer breakthroughs. But our fight is far from over. Despite our great work, families and friends face the destructive realities of living with cancer every day.

“We thank Alleasing for supporting our pursuit for cancer breakthroughs that will save lives.”

Alleasing is pleased to have been able to make a contribution to this worthwhile cause.

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